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Core values: integrity, input, team, innovation

Integrity: Yuhua people’s basic behaving principle: be sincere, credible, imperative, resolute and faithful in their dealings

Input: throw ourselves into one thing or one job wholeheartedly, and spare no effort to do it well

Team: any member in the team should have overall consciousness, cooperation spirit and service spirit, and unify individual and overall interests, thus ensuring high-efficiency operation of the organization.

Innovation: the source of innovation is questions, the power of innovation is curiousness, the soul of innovation is originality, the emphasis of innovation is creativity.


Employment principle: “Talent is fit people” – We believe that talent is “fit” people.

“On the premise of agreeing with Yuhua culture, those people who meet Yuhua’s job requirements and can make contributions for Yuhua’s development are Yuhua talent.”

Active and highly-responsible staff is the greatest wealth of Yuhua. “Agree with Yuhua culture, as well as handle affairs seriously and behave steadily according to Yuhua culture” is the unique standard for inspecting qualified “Yuhua people”. “Personality Supreme, People Developing” is Yuhua’s employment philosophy.

Yuhua gives full respect, comprehension and concern to the staff, insists on common growth and development between the enterprise and staff, and sustainably develops employee potentials.

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